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Goji Berries – Fight Cellulite

Friday, February 22nd, 2008

THE 8.99 Berries that fight CelluliteA SUPER fruit that claims to boost your sex life, fight cellulite, comnat cancer and even prevent wrinkles goeszx on sale in supermarkets today.

Goji berries, dubbed the “natural Viagara,” are all the rage in the US where they are a hit with stars like Madonna, Kate Moss, Lucy Lui and Brooke Sheilds.

The small red fruit, which is about the same size as a raisin, is said to posess anti ageing properties and can even help lose weight.

It is grown on vines in remote areas of the Himalayas and weight for weight, contains 500 times more vitamin C than an Orange.

Supporters say the dried fruit, which you can snack on, mix with cereal or blend with smooties, boosts energy, fights cancer and heart disease and lower cholesterol levels.


Leading dermatologist, Howard Murad calls the berries “cellulite assassinators” because they are packed with skin boosting anti-oxidants. He said: “They are one of the most nutritionally dens foods in the market.”

The berries are very sweet and taste like a cross between cranberries and cherries. Until recently few people in the UK had heard of them. But from this week Tesco is stocking the fruit at some of it’s stores.

Tesco buyer David Cooke said: “The goji is so packed full of nutrients it is in a different league to acclaimed super-foods such as blueberries, blackcurrents ……

……improve fertility as well as helping to relieve anxiety and stress.

Pharmicist and best-selling writer Dr. Earl Mindell, author of the Vitamin Bible, is a fan. He said:”Goji has more powerful benefits on health, well-being and anti-ageing than any other product I’ve seen in the last 40years.”

The health benefits come at a price though – up to 8.99 for 250g.

Until today, customers in the UK could only buy them from health food shops and online.

Mr. Cooke said: “Eating goji berries is one of the hottest new food trends sweeping America. There is growing demand for them now in Britain.

“They’re an ancient Himalayan health phenomenon that have remained secret because of the remoteness of the region.

“The climate and altitude allows the berry to grow in unique conditions.”