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The Pink Ribbon That Could Save Your Life

Tuesday, October 21st, 2008

Walk into any crowded room these days and chances are you’ll be standing next to someone who has either been diagnosed with breast cancer or knows someone who has. With over 2.3 million women diagnosed last year, next to skin cancer, it’s the second most common killer of women. According to 2007 statistics, there were 178,480 new cases of breast cancer in women and 2,030 cases in men. But, there is good news. It starts with a little education from the October National Breast Cancer Awareness Month.

Breast cancer is a disease that is caused by the uncontrolled division of cells in breast tissue and results in “Benign” or “Malignant” tumors. Benign tumors are the most common (representing over 80% of breast cancers) and the easiest to treat. Malignant tumors are far more dangerous, can damage other tissues and spread rapidly throughout the body. Allowed to progress without treatment, malignant tumors can advance to “Metastatic” cancer and reach the bones, lungs, liver or brain.

The most common risk factors for contracting breast cancer are:

  • Gender

Goji Berries Can Improve Your Pet’s Health

Tuesday, October 21st, 2008

Like most people, my pets are a very important part of my family. Whether you have a dog, cat or bird, you try to keep them healthy with regular veterinarian checks and a healthy diet. There is now more nutritious and natural foods you can feed your pets. Goji berries, known for their abundance of nutrients and antioxidants, are an excellent food source for your pets.

Just like in humans, pets have toxins in their bodies and can suffer from cancer, skin disorders, and anxiety caused from stress. Goji berries help with your pet

Goji Berries Help Keep Your Digestive Tract Healthy

Tuesday, October 14th, 2008

Goji Berries Help Keep Your Digestive Tract Healthy Over 70 million Americans suffer from digestive diseases. Digestive disorders can be very painful, and if left untreated can lead into more serious problems. Eating a natural healthy diet will prevent most of these disorders. Tibet Authentic Goji berries have the nutrients and antioxidants to fight the toxins that cause digestive diseases.


Disorders of the Digestive Tract and How Goji Berries Help


  • Gastroenteritis is when the digestive tract becomes inflamed and irritated. This will cause abdominal pain, vomiting and diarrhea. The cause is usually toxins such as bacteria, allergens in foods, parasites or drugs. Eating Goji berries will help fight off these toxins and will help prevent this disorder.

  • Gastritis is inflammation of your stomach lining. Just like the gastroenteritis, you will experience abdominal pain. Your diet plays a big part in this disease. With the antioxidants, Goji berries have helped in the treatment of gastritis.

  • Ulcers can develop in the stomach, esophagus or small intestines. The cause can be bacterial or by certain pain medications. Ulcers cause a lot of pain and possible bleeding. Stress can aggravate the problem. A special diet and certain medications are usually prescribed. Goji berries have the specific anti-inflammatory SOD enzyme that reduces the inflammation caused by ulcers.

  • Irritable Bowel Syndrome is when the muscles in the intestines do not work properly. This can cause abdominal pain, constipation or diarrhea. Stress can also bring on irritable bowel syndrome. A high fiber, low fat diet is usually prescribed. Goji berries help relieve stress, which can help in the prevention of the irritable bowel.

  • Gastroesophageal Reflux Disease (GERD) is caused by stomach acid backflow into the esophagus. A weakness in the muscle that acts as a valve between the stomach and the esophagus. This causes what is known as heartburn. The acid can cause major damage to the esophagus if left untreated. Usually people that are overweight suffer from GERD. Goji berries help with weight loss, and along with exercise will help prevent the acid reflux.

This is just some of the digestive disorders Goji berries can help prevent or help treat. There are autoimmune disorders, such as Crohn

Goji Berries Help Alleviate Stress

Tuesday, October 7th, 2008

Stress can cause many health problems for your body. You can help alleviate stress to your body by diet and exercise. Goji berries have the specific nutrients our bodies need to prevent health problems from harming our body.

Lets face it, we all experience stress in our lives. Whether you have a stressful job, family problems or financial difficulties; these can all create major health problems. Stress can cause digestive problems, lack of sleep, and depression. Left untreated, these health problems can lead into more serious ailments such as ulcers, colitis, heart disease, and deeper mental disorders. Eating a natural healthy diet can put a stop to the effects of stress.

Goji berries have the specific nutrients needed to help your body deal with stress. Two of these nutrients, Thiamin B1 and Magnesium, help your body maintain sleep, help elevate your mood, gives you more energy and helps with depression. Studies have shown Goji berries do cut down on stress because of these nutrients.

Adding exercise to your daily routine will also help alleviate stress. A brisk walk can do wonders to bring your stress level down. Having the nutrients needed by eating Goji berries and daily moderate exercise, will help take that stress out of your life. You will feel better physically and mentally.

Goji Berries Help Provide Relief for Arthritis Sufferers

Wednesday, October 1st, 2008

Tibetan Goji berries have been around for many years. They have become known for having the most nutrients, of any fruit in the world. With their abundance of antioxidants, the health benefits of Goji berries seem endless. From preventing heart disease and diabetes, to improving your skin, Goji berries also help provide relief to arthritis sufferers.

Arthritis is one of most painful and debilitating diseases. Though, more common in the elderly, arthritis strikes people of all ages, including children. Arthritis is when your joints become inflamed, causing a lot of pain and discomfort. The most common form of arthritis is osteoarthritis also known as degenerative joint disease. In osteoarthritis, the cartilage that serves as a cushion between the joints of the bones wears away causing bone against bone. Swelling usually occurs and this can be very painful. Osteoarthritis is usually due to aging, but can be caused by an injury, being overweight, and stressing the joints.

Studies have shown that antioxidants can help in the fight against the free radicals, responsible for the inflammation in arthritis. The free radical, superoxide anion, is the inflammation factor in arthritis, and our body produces the enzyme superoxide dismutase (SOD) to help neutralize this free radical. In some cases of arthritis, the production of superoxide anion is greater than what the body can handle, and is unable to produce enough of the SOD enzyme to protect against the inflammation of the joints.

Foods with high levels of antioxidants are key to fighting free radicals, and eating Goji berries, known for the high levels of antioxidants, help produce the anti-inflammatory enzyme SOD therefore, reducing the inflammation and pain. SOD also plays major role in protecting the body against other diseases. This is most powerful natural free radical fighting antioxidant the body has.

Eating a natural healthy diet is beneficial to everybody. Including Goji berries in your daily diet will help your body maintain its natural defense against free radicals. If you are one of many people that suffer from arthritis, Goji berries will help your body fight off the free radicals responsible for internal inflammation. This will help relieve your joints from pain and stiffness. Also, there are aquatic classes to help with joint mobility offered through the Arthritis Foundation.